Vernalis Academy

Empowering Engineers with Technology

At Vernalis Academy, being the authorized Altair Training center, we focus on empowering engineers with CAE (FEA) & CAD (Design) knowledge through our intensive and structured training courses.

Who can benefit from our trainings?

Final year Engineering students:
Who wish to learn the software with practical industrial applications, either to do projects or to stand a greater chance in the campus/off campus interviews.

Engineering Graduates:
To stay ahead of the competition with good software knowledge & practical exposures to industrial best practices, during an interview for a Design or CAE career.

Professionals :

To make a career as Design Engineer or CAE Analyst. To deepen their knowledge for faster career growth. To enhance their knowledge in similar or advanced software.

Corporates :

To nullify the ramp up time of the intake Engineers. To have a custom training adhering to the in-house processes. To groom their engineers in advanced technological skills.

Why Vernalis Academy?

Authorized Altair Professional Training center. Lead by ex-Altair with 17 years of CAE Experience. Trained by experienced professionals of Vernalis Engineering. Training programs in Design and FEA both in Basic & Advanced level. Our training programs comprises theory sessions with a practical standpoint, software know-how, Industrial best practices and lot of hands on sessions and evaluations. Help in interview Preparations -
Software Tool test, Written test (Technical) & Interview.


  • Karthick

    Nuvent Technologies

  •  Liyagath Ali

    Liyagath Ali
    Nuvent Technologies

  •  Rajiv

    Nuvent Technologies

  • Ravichandran

    Vernalis Engineering

  • Santhoshkumar

    Vernalis Engineering

  • Radhakrishnan

    DSI Technologies

  • Radhakrishnan

    Geometric ltd

  • Radhakrishnan

    Valasi Sudhakar Prasanth
    Vernalis Engineering

  • Radhakrishnan

    Vasantha kumar
    Vernalis Engineering

Students Testimonials

Vernalis Academy, placed me in Nuvent Technologies Pvt Ltd., i got trained in LS Dyna basics, carried out crash analysis in automotive seats and also indepth training in Hypermesh. They also helped me in preparing for the interview. I thank Vernalis Academy for beginning my CAE career.

Karthick CAE Engineer Nuvent Technologies Pvt Ltd.,

Vernalis Academy's intensive training in Hypermesh & Automotive concepts helped me to get the job offer. For any Engineer who want to make a CAE career Vernalis Academy is the best place to go.

Rajiv CAE Engineer Nuvent Technologies Pvt Ltd.,

I joined Vernalis Academy to further improve my Hypermesh skills. They had given us indepth training in Hypermesh & LS Dyna Deck setups. I became familiar with the industry requirement. They had prepared me well for the interview/tool test, because of which i got placement.

Liyagath Ali CAE Engineer Nuvent Technologies Pvt Ltd.,


Vernalis Academy
8 Shakthi Nagar
Mount Poonamallee Road
Porur, Chennai 600 116 India

Mobile: +91 7358031235